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CryptoHoopla: Lisk Report (LSK)

CryptoHoopla: Lisk Report (LSK)

Exchange Coverage: Excellent

Management team: Excellent

Hype Factor: Good

Market Cap at time of writing: $3,482,571,103 USD | 318,508 BTC

Price at time of writing: $29.45 USD | 0.00269382 BTC

Outlook: $45.00+ March/April 2018

Overall Sentiment: Bullish


Lisk at a glance:

Decentralised apps platform that uses sidechain technology to address the scaling issues that other blockchain based infrastructures suffer from. Lisk is a modular blockchain and its apps are  written in javascript (a popular and easy to learn coding language), making it very developer friendly. Capable and dedicated team with solid backgrounds in Ethereum and Crypti. Upcoming relaunch on 20 February 2018 will generate good hype which should translate into positive price action.

Hoopla Analysis:

Lisk is a modular platform that allows each app to operate on its own sidechain. This allows better scaling, security, and flexibility. Sidechain technology is complicated but in simple terms can be explained as a feature allowing certain transactions to be dealt with outside of the main blockchain and removing unnecessary volume and congestion from the network. Lisk has been developed from the ground up to appeal to developers. In particular, the fact that Lisk apps can be written in javascript makes it very approachable. By comparison, Ethereum uses Solidity, a more obscure but specialized language for coding its smart contracts. The race towards a pre-eminent decentralised applications platform is going to be won by the most widely adopted platform and it is developers, not consumers that will decide where apps (and therefore utility and value) are created. This make’s Lisk’s approach a clever one. The Lisk community is as large and devoted as you would expect for a currency with such a high market cap. Encouragingly, there is a lot of developer activity in the forums. The Lisk subreddit is steadily growing.The Lisk development Roadmap is detailed and inspiring, although not presented in a way that makes it clear whether milestones are actually being reached.It is not clear at this point in time what exactly the relaunch on 20 February 2018 will entail, but at minimum you can expect a rebrand and announcements about the alpha version of the Lisk app development kit.

Lisk Google Search Trend (12 month):


Technical Analysis:

Technical Analysis Commentary:

Alongside the rest of the crypto-market, Lisk has seen significant price volatility over the past few months due to the decline in BTC prices. However, looking at the sat’s chart we can see a very strong and healthy upward trend which has held it’s own since December, and this is what’s important to us when looking at the technicals – are people unloading lisk, or buying it? And the chart is telling us it’s the latter.

The upward trend has been following the classic rise, retract/consolidate for a week or two, then rise again pattern. The sell off we’re currently seeing doesn’t concern us unless the support line is broken by two consecutive bear candles, at which point we’d be looking for support at around 0.002.

RSI has been shying away from over-bought territory and MACD is having a bearish convergence as to be expected from the recent price retractions. We see the current pull back as a good buying opportunity, and based on the previous swings we’ve seen in Lisk we think that as long as support holds, the next up swing could see a 50% increase in sats value.

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